Dog of the Day: Max the 7-Month-Old Husky

Max gets my vote as ‘most handsome dog of the week’. In fact, one of the pictures here (I suspect you can guess which one) is in the running for the DoSF calendar, which I am back to actively working on. (Man, cleaning up pictures for printing is a giant pain in the butt, especially when you have inconvenient things like arms, leashes, and, ah, other stuff to try and edit out.)

Grey Siberian Husky with Heterochromia

A 7-month-old husky is apparently a giant bundle of mischief.

Grey Siberian Husky with Heterochromia

He certainly looks the part.

Grey Siberian Husky with Heterochromia

I’m not entirely enamored of the cropping (wish i had more above and below him) but I like everything else about it. August, maybe.

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