Dog of the Day: Namo the Cardigan Welsh Corgi

Namo is apparently often found in Kiehl’s, a cosmetics-and-stuff store on Fillmore Street. His name is apparently part of a Buddhist prayer (‘Namo Buddhaya’, or ‘salutation to the Buddha’, if I’m reading this right.) I don’t know, corgis never struck me as the most serene of animals, although Cardigans are definitely closer to that than Pembrokes are.

Tricolor Cardigan Welsh Corgi

Whatever he’s named for, he sure makes a good store ambassador. He led about five people into the store. Including me.

Tricolor Cardigan Welsh Corgi

They had treats waiting for him behind the counter. Frequent visitor indeed!

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2 Responses to Dog of the Day: Namo the Cardigan Welsh Corgi

  1. Rose Marie says:

    That is one serious harness! Just proves corgis are big dogs with short limbs and the world’s best smile!!

  2. Tidus says:

    He’s cute and very eager to work.

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