Dog of the Day: Tidusbutt

Just spent another two hours trying to debug WordPress. It’s fun, reading computer code you don’t understand, written in a language you don’t know, which is being run in an order you can’t identify.

So have a corgi butt. This is Tidus again, who I see very often in the morning on the way to work, and of whom I will never tire. He has a perfect corgi-butt, which shakes back and forth in a perfect corgi-waddle.

Fawn and White Pembroke Welsh Corgi Butt

Those tocks! Those drumsticks!

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2 Responses to Dog of the Day: Tidusbutt

  1. Anh says:

    We love his butt and his waddling. 🙂

    • Adam Lang says:

      So do we! One of the reasons it’s difficult to leash-train a corgi to walk by your side is because it’s always such a temptation to walk behind him and watch the waddle. 😀

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