Old Home Week Part 3: Wilma the Collie/Border Terrier Mix

Wilma is one of the most distinctive dogs I’ve posted on DoSF, and the pictures of her and the Dane and humongous poodle (which turns out to be a German shepherd/poodle mix!) are some of my favorites. I ran into her again near the end of last year, and I am ashamed that I haven’t posted these until now.

Wilma’s dad says that she is a collie/border terrier mix. I’m not 100% convinced, but I’ll take his word for it… for now. He also says that she’s very lady-like, which I can confirm… when she’s not leaping around playing with other dogs, or sniffing butts. 🙂

Merle Collie/Border Terrier Mix

She has got that puppydog eyes thing so mastered that she can charm people without even thinking about it.

Merle Collie/Border Terrier Mix

See what I mean? She has that expression in most of her pictures.

Pembroke Welsh Corgi, Pug, and Merle Collie/Border Terrier Mix

Yes, that is a corgi butt. You will be seeing the rest of the corgi after old home week is over.

Merle Collie/Border Terrier Mix

I thought you had to pick ONE merle, either red or blue. But she looks like red AND blue merle.

Merle Collie/Border Terrier Mix

Bonus goofy pug grin in the background.

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