Birder-Day Supplement: House Sparrow

First of all, if you haven’t already seen my post regarding the fundraiser and the new tee shirt design, please check out that post.

Found this diminutive gentleman on my way home from work a few days ago. He was perched right near a crosswalk, and was chirping so loudly and regularly that I thought he was the crosswalk indicator for the blind (which chirp in San Francisco), until I looked and realized that the crosswalk lights were red in both directions. This strikes me as dangerous.

Edit: I am overwhelmingly outvoted on the bird identification. In my defense, the pictures I saw of a house sparrow online did not have the lovely brown color of this guy’s back and wings (it was mixed black, tan, and grey instead), nor the same distribution of black on the throat and grey on the cheeks. Further picture-studying has revealed that (shock!) birds do sometimes look different.

Chestnut-Backed Chickadee Perched on Barbed Wire in San Francisco

I grew up surrounded by black-capped chickadees (Massachusetts). Their call (or, at least, their alarm call) is much different than the one these guys have.

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