Site News: New Tee Shirt and Benefit Concert/Site Benefit

I have a couple of announcements for this evening. First off, I have a new and exciting shirt design for the DogBlogStore: my Schauzers Gonna Schnauze tee shirt.

Schnauzers Gonna Schnauze Tee ShirtSchnauzers Gonna Schnauze Tee Shirt


Awesome, right?

Second, Autumn and I are helping a friend of ours get back on his feet again, in an unusually literal way. An Irish music buddy of Autumn’s took a horrible fall (more than a story, onto concrete) while trying to fight off someone breaking into his building. And then the intruder fell on top of him. It’s had some terrible effects (concussion, nerve damage, broken bones) and he currently can’t work, play music, or even stand up very well. He’s in the process of getting disability, and thankfully he is now part of Healthy SF, so he has a lot of help with medical bills, but for the moment he’s got no income, and is in very real danger of losing his apartment and ending up homeless. Which, in his condition, would be even worse than usual.

Autumn is helping to set up a benefit concert for him at The Plough and Stars, on Clement Street, on May 25th. (More details are here.) She’ll be playing there, along with a bunch of other people. I heard a rumor that there may also be some dancing and some drinking involved, but don’t tell anyone, okay?

I’m going to help out too: in addition to a donation myself, I’m going to dedicate 100% of the profits from the DogBlogStore to the ‘Help Glenn Farr Not Lose His Apartment Fund’, from now until the end of May. (Yes, this means I will be suspending my 10% donations to the SF SPCA until then.) So if you want to get a nifty tee shirt, hoodie, or canvas tote, and help out a person who is in need, please pick up something from the DogBlogStore. (Also on this page is a paypal donation link in the event that you wish to help out Glenn but a) you do not like my designs, b) you do not like tee shirts, hoodies, or tote bags, or c) you do not have a torso. Although if you fall under c), then I should probably be having a benefit for you!)

Thank you for putting up with my shameless fundraising. I now return you to your regularly scheduled dogblog.

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