MDM-of-the-Day: Chase the Adorable Little Mutt

(MDM = Million Dog Marcher, of course!)

I saw Chase just about first thing when I got to the march, and I didn’t even have my camera out at the time. Snapped a couple quick photos with my phone, and then promptly forgot his name. And then, while I was poking through the facebook photos from the MDM, I thought I saw someone who looked a little familiar

Tan Mutt Puppy

There was a line of people waiting for a chance to pet Chase. And no wonder.

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2 Responses to MDM-of-the-Day: Chase the Adorable Little Mutt

  1. Regina Dowdy says:

    Hello, I am a pet sitter (located in Columbus, Ohio) and true-blue-animal lover as you and Autumn are, and I just have to let you know, I am utterly delighted by your picture blog! Your comments are so insightful and dead-on with the pictures and I usually sit with a stupid grin on my face the entire time I read your blog. You definitely have a gift!, and you honestly do delight us readers with daily gifts of your entertaining blog. Thank you!

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