Dog of the Day: Harlequin Great Dane

All right, too many puppies in a row. (NEVER!) So have someone from the other end of the spectrum. This gal was definitely in the 150-lb-and-up range. I like her a lot, not least because she was obviously enjoying the march as much as I was: in every single picture I got of her, she was whipping her head around and looking at all the other dogs, like she just couldn’t believe how many there were all over the place.

Harlequin Great Dane

I think it’s fair to say what she was doing was about half walk and half ‘gallumph’.

Harlequin Great Dane

A perfect shot of one of the MDM bandanas. Plus… just a leeeettle bit of drool.

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2 Responses to Dog of the Day: Harlequin Great Dane

  1. Rose Marie says:

    Great Dane? She is beautiful, whatever breed she is!!

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