Coot-erday Supplement: American Coots

I am fully expecting to be told that this is actually a flat-billed hippo-hoarder or something, but I struggle gamely on.

I ran into these two on my way to the Million Dog March. The small fluffy one was very, very vocal.

Adult And Baby American Coots

Anyone care to weigh in on an approximate age for the little one?

Adult And Baby American Coots

This may be the perfect time to use the word ‘festooned’. As in, ‘That adult coot is festooned with weeds, and the baby is festooned with fluff.’

Baby American Coot

I was absolutely amazed at how much noise something this little could make.

Adult American Coot

I take it the two different meanings of ‘coot’ are related. Coots do have a somewhat surly air about them.

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