Dog of the Day: Caleb the Plott hound and Friends

Another pup from the Million Dog March. Only our second Plott hound.

Brindled Plott Hound

I have more trouble keeping hounds straight than I do little white fluffy dogs, and that’s saying something.

Brindled Plott Hound

Caleb showing his colors. Pretty neat bandanas.

Brindled Plott Hound

Contented dawg.

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3 Responses to Dog of the Day: Caleb the Plott hound and Friends

  1. Rose Marie says:

    Very sweet face. And, in the first photograph, Corgi!!!

    • Adam Lang says:

      He was a total sweetheart. And, unlike many sweetheart hounds, did not cover me with drool. (Mind you, there were plenty of other dogs willing to do that.)

      How did I miss the corgi in the background? I did get a few shots of him, though, never fear.

  2. Rose Marie says:

    Yeaaaaaaaaaaa! Corgis are the best!! Other dogs are darling and all, but Corgis have my heart!

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