Double Dog Day: Dalmatian Pandaemonium!

So I was walking along the Million Dog March route, and twice I ran into this woman who was walking two dalmatians. They did the entire route (3 miles) by running back and forth and forward and back and around in circles, barking madly and having a blast. And then I ran into them as they were leaving and they were just as energetic as they had been earlier. I don’t know what she feeds these dogs, but I want some!

Of course… taking pictures of dogs doing that presents a certain amount of … difficulty.

Two Dalmatian Butts

“Oh there they are I’ll just get my camera up and… and… dammit.”

The Top Quarter of a Dalmatian

“Oh here comes one I just need to… dammit.”

Galloping Dalmatian

“All right, now, if I just hold still… just another second… got it! … *CRASH*”


This one stopped for a good… four seconds.

Running Dalmatian

And then promptly galloped off again.

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2 Responses to Double Dog Day: Dalmatian Pandaemonium!

  1. Beverly Rogers says:

    Lol! Oh, Adam, I am laughing my butt off! Though I’ve never owned a Dal I know all about that famous energy of theirs! We own a young Boston terrier and trying to get pictures of him when he’s having his fun is the most frustrating experience!

    So good to hear of dogs having so much fun being out and about with their humans! Thanks for posting.

    • Adam Lang says:

      Talk about frustrating: I dropped by a local dog grooming place last weekend and saw the cutest puppy ever. I actually walked in and bugged them into letting me take some pictures, and getting permission to post them. And I’m not sure a single one of the pictures is anything other than a grey blur!

      Still trying. He was SOOOOO CUTE.

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