Dog of the Day: Sally the Silken Windhound

Sally is our second ‘Silken Windhound’. She’s a petite little thing, almost whippet-sized, and absolutely gorgeous. She also has her own blog, called, appropriately enough, ‘Sally the Silken Windhound‘. She hasn’t updated in a few months… maybe if we bug her a little bit she’ll post again!

In the mean time, we’ll have a few pictures of her here.

Small Silken Windhound

Check out the title picture on her blog. She looks VERY different in it.

Small Silken Windhound

I bet she could comfortably beat out the dalmatians, speed-wise. She’s amazingly aerodynamic.

Small Silken Windhound Smiling

Aww, happy face.

Wet Pit Bull Sniffing Silken Windhound's Butt

I caught up with her again a little while later, but she was kind of busy.

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