Caturday Supplement: Kitty Grooming

We interrupt this Corgi Week to bring you the following adorability:

The Groom Room (who I have featured a few times before here) has recently gotten a new regular: a cat who just hangs out with all the doggies in the little doggie play area. I’m not sure if she belongs to the owners or they’re just sitting her during someone’s summer vacation, but she is an adorable little oasis of calm in a sea of little bitty dogs wiggling around and poking their noses into stuff.

Tortoiseshell Cat

The patented cat comfort-sprawl.

Tortoiseshell Cat

Torties are so gorgeous.

Tortoiseshell Cat

Every time I go by, the cat’s sitting on a different bed. (Also, blah, I hate taking pictures through windows. Niiice reflection.)


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