Dog of the Day: Lulu the French Bulldog

I was walking by Harputs, a store in the Union Square area, when I noticed a svelte French bulldog peering out the window at me. So of course I had to go in and say hello. It turns out that Lulu is indeed the Harputs store dog (and they have an awesome picture of her there), and as well as her lovely collar selection, also has her own line of human clothing, for when you want to wear your dog on your chest. I have to say, some of it is nearly as cute as my own designs. Nearly. Almost. (Envy? No, no, whatever makes you say that?)

Oh, I almost forgot: Lulu has a facebook page, too.

Red Fawn French Bulldog

Lulu is a 4-year-old mother of 13. That must be awfully stressful, but I can see she doesn’t let it get to her.

Red Fawn French Bulldog
If you stop by Harputs, give Lulu a skritch or two from me!


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