Double Dog Day: Yaoyao and Cheche the Catahoula Mixes

I have no firm evidence for my choice of breed here: mom and dad had no idea. But I’m going to go with Catahoula mixes, because some of them are brindles and these two just kinda look right.

Yaoyao means ‘far away’ in Chinese… not sure if that’s where it came from. Cheche apparently means a lot of things in a lot of different languages, but I prefer to think that it comes from an African language, and means ‘small thing’. Cheche is the male, with the splash of white on his chest.

Two Brindled Catahoula Hog Dog Mixes

I vaguely recall that these two were mostly out of energy, after a long day of running around.

Two Brindled Catahoula Hog Dog Mixes

Well, if I ever make an ‘alphabet of dogs’, I’ve got L taken care of.

Two Brindled Catahoula Leopard Dog Mixes

Wow, that is one gorgeous dog.

Brindled Catahoula Cur Mix

I think this belongs on that ‘noble dogs’ blog that linked to me a while back. Alas, they seem to have stopped publishing…

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