Dog of the Day: Colt the German Wirehaired Pointer/Labrador Retriever Mix

Whoo. That was an eventful trip. Finally home again, and ready to go to bed, so just a quick post from me: Colt, a 7-month-old puppy of uncertain origins. But his parents’ guess, German shorthaired pointer and Labrador retriever, didn’t seem quite right to me… I think wirehaired is a little more likely.

In any case, he’s scruffy, and very very difficult to photograph… he spends a lot of time looking in lots of different directions.

German Wirehaired Pointer/Labrador Retriever Cross

Well, of course he does: he’s a pointer AND a retriever, it’s pretty important for him to know what is where at any given time, in case he has to point at it, or retrieve it!

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