Dog of the Day: Emma the Yorkshire Terrier Puppy

I ran into Major today after work, and it turns out it’s his birthday. I was going to post another couple pictures of him if I had any, but it turns out that I didn’t have any that I hadn’t already posted. Too bad, he’s pretty cute. Happy birthday, Major!

So, instead of Major, we’ll have to settle for some adorably cute pictures of Emma, the 10-week-old Yorkie puppy. I ordinarily never take flash pictures for the blog, because without lots of lights and lots of preparation flash pictures look awful, but for a dog this cute you gotta make some exceptions.

Tiny Yorkshire Terrier Puppy Sticking Her Tongue Out

That is one active tongue. I got my face a little too close and got a bath.

Tiny Yorkshire Terrier Puppy

Just like a little stuffed animal.

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