Dog of the Day: Chocolate Labradoodle

Can’t believe I forgot to record this pup’s name. Autumn and I were eating at the outside tables of ‘Eastside West’, which is a bar with an absolutely lovely brunch menu in the Marina, and we got a little bit of love from a bunch of passing dogs. And I got all of their names but this one. I’m such a bad person.

Brown Labradoodle

Despite what I imply in my hovertext, Autumn and I were done eating. This pup wasn’t loving on our food, she was just saying hi to us.

Chocolate Labradoodle

This is the dog that left the latest noseprint on my camera lens. (Reminds me, I should clean that off.)

Brown Labradoodle

Oh, I love that expression. And also the slightly blurry (madly wagging) tail.

Back End of a Brown Labradoodle

Star Wars dog: kind of looks like a wookie/wampa/bantha mix!

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