Dog of the Day: Giant Wooly Malamute, Pomeranian, And Special Guest Lab Puppy

Another dog from the big dawg shebang a couple weeks ago. This gal (?) was a really good sport, and liked all the people and all the dogs that she ran into.

Wooly Malamute With Pomeranian on Her Back

As I said, she was a very good sport.

Fuzzy Pomeranian

Very cute pom, but he just wasn’t getting into the spirit of the whole ‘riding’ experience.

Big Woolly Malamute Face

Things might have gone better if she had managed to turn around and give him a big smooch while he was back there.

Woolly Malamute Being Petted

Yes, that’s my arm, and Autumn’s body. We gave her plenty of love.

Black Labrador Retriever Puppy Smooching a Large Wooly Alaskan Malamute

Yes, that’s a Lab puppy. I think I may have a few more pictures of him, coming up soon.

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