Dog of the Day: Ein the Corgi Revisited

Instead of my usual jogging and walking today, I took public transit for most of the way to and from work. (Back problems. Should, I am told, be back to normal in not too long.)

This turned out to be serendipitous, because who should I run into but Ein the Corgi on the Muni train? She was walking from person to person… every time someone stopped petting her, she would wait patiently for about 1.2 seconds, and then go on and solicit attention from someone else. Watching her little tail-nib waggling back and forth was utterly captivating.

It’s probably good that only one of my pictures came out, because I don’t have the energy for more than one picture today.

Small Tricolor Pembroke Welsh Corgi

You can’t really see it, but Ein has the cutest little white mark line thingie on her nose. I totally recognized her instantly from it.

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One Response to Dog of the Day: Ein the Corgi Revisited

  1. Rose Marie says:

    What a wonderful way to start a day and help heal all hurts – a Corgi face!!

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