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Caturday Supplement: Chinatown Kitty

Autumn and I were wandering down to visit our friendly neighborhood credit union this morning, and this fine lass came out of a store to visit us. She is adorable and super-friendly and has polydactyly on her right front paw.

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Roll of 28(+1) Day 14: Kitties

There’s an artist that has a studio down in Chinatown, just a few blocks from me. This is one of his paintings. (Think it looks startlingly realistic in the picture? You should see it in person!)

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Dog of the Day: Buddy the Goldendoodle

Cone of shame! Well, this guy got used to it pretty quickly, so he wasn’t bothered. And, in fact, he was getting it off (if all went well) a couple days after these pictures were taken, so with any luck … Continue reading

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