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Sunday Switchup: The Wild Parrots of Telegraph Hill

I haven’t seen these guys close up for a couple of years, though I do hear them quite frequently. But Autumn was lucky enough to have them visit her while she was dogsitting last week.

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Sunday Switchup: Bentley the Black-Headed Caique

Look who I ran into while wandering Fillmore Street on Saturday! Bentley is a girl, and may well be older than you, at 27 years of age. I asked where the name came from, and her dad told me that … Continue reading

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Sunday Switchup: The Parrots of Telegraph Hill

The parrots of Telegraph Hill. (If you haven’t seen the movie, it’s awesome.) I never get tired of these guys, no matter how many times they wake me up at 5 AM (‘Squawk! Squawk squawk!’) while flying by (or perching … Continue reading

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Parrotday Supplement: Some Old Friends

I wander by the little park near Market and Embarcadero fairly often, to listen to the parrots. They often fly over my apartment, too, so I occasionally wake to the sound of a flock of parrots. (Which I quite like, … Continue reading

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Seen in San Francisco: A Parrot of Telegraph Hill

Spotted this guy a while back in one of the parks that the parrots frequent. God, they’re gorgeous birds.

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