Sunday Switchup: The Parrots of Telegraph Hill

The parrots of Telegraph Hill. (If you haven’t seen the movie, it’s awesome.) I never get tired of these guys, no matter how many times they wake me up at 5 AM (‘Squawk! Squawk squawk!’) while flying by (or perching near) my apartment. So pretty, and so playful and fun to watch. And after you’ve watched them for a while, it’s hard to escape the feeling that they have a sense of humor.

The Parrots Of Telegraph Hill: Two Silhouetted Parrots Grooming One Another

They’re very patient groomers. It’s pretty adorable, really.

The Parrots Of Telegraph Hill: A Bunch Of Parrots In A Tree

I like the silhouette shots but their colors are so pretty too.

The Parrots Of Telegraph Hill: Eight Parrots Silhouetted Against The Sky

Cameras being strange things, these three shots were taken within two minutes of one another. In the order presented here.

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6 Responses to Sunday Switchup: The Parrots of Telegraph Hill

  1. Jennifer Noble says:

    I fed the parrots on my back porch for many years until the landlord bent to the complaints of my downstairs neighbor and forbade me from feeding them. They ate out of my hands, sat on my head and generally gave me great pleasure. I feel honored to have had them in my life.

    • Adam Lang says:

      They’re such awesome birds. But I’m glad that feeding them is illegal now. Did you know that a bunch of them were… birdnapped, I guess you’d call it? People were stealing them and selling them as pets, because they’d come right down to you if you had food. 🙁

      • Jennifer Noble says:

        It’s not illegal to feed them on your porch or in your yard, only in public parks. I agree that the spectacle that occurred near the Embarcadero after the movie came out was disgusting. I had more of the experience the man in the movie had — I came to know the parrots intimately and would never have hurt them.

  2. Great feature. I see the parrots all of the time in my area and they make me smile every time.

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