Dog of the Day: Kato the Klee Kai/Shiba Inu Mix

Firstly, personal business: sorry for the hiatus. I was on vacation, and getting back to my hotel room exhausted at 11 PM. Admittedly, I was then failing to fall asleep until 2 AM, but those weren’t three hours where I especially felt like playing with the computer, or indeed doing anything but try to fall asleep. Despite the difficulty falling asleep (which was partially just jetlag) I feel very rested after my little break, and ready to get back to real life again. Which includes this blog. Hooray for vacations!

Secondly, site business: I realize that there are probably quite a few people waiting for their dogs to be posted here. I’m sorry, I’ve got way more of a backlog now than I did a few months ago, literally months of dogs to post. If you are impatient to see your pup up here, drop me a note in the comments of one of the other dogs (I read every single one) and let me know who your dog is and I’ll see what I can do. (At the very least, I’ll respond in the comments, so check back.)

And finally, thirdly, today’s pup. Who looks so much like a husky that you may be thinking that I’m nuts. But I am assured by Kato’s owner that she is a klee kai/shiba inu mix, and whatever she is, she isn’t a husky. How could I tell? Well… this picture doesn’t provide a terribly good idea of the scale.

For that, you’ll have to check out the additional four pictures below the fold.

Klee Kai/Shiba Inu mix

Honestly, I'm not sure where the Shiba Inu is in there... this pup looks like the very model of a Klee-Kai to me.

Shiba Inu/Klee kai mix

This may look like play-posing. It's not. It was mom wanting the pup to go one way, and the pup putting her paw down. "Nuh uh! I wanna go THIS way!" And she hunkered down and wouldn't move. She was otherwise very well-behaved.

Half Klee Kai, half Shiba Inu

This was Kato being very obedient. Of course, this involved a bit of bribery... but hey, I've seen enough mother/child interactions to know that that sort of thing isn't limited to dogs.

Half Shiba Inu, half Klee Kai

I think this was a 'lie down' trick, but it may have just been a lazy dog for a fox to jump over.

Klee kai/shiba inu mix, and miniature schnauzer

And here's where you can really get an idea of the scale. And no, that's not a giant schnauzer, nor even a standard one. That's a miniature schnauzer.

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6 Responses to Dog of the Day: Kato the Klee Kai/Shiba Inu Mix

  1. Shannon says:

    I met this pup on Polk Street this week… she’s a total sweetheart! Kudos to the owner Greg because she is only 9 months old and very well socialized.

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  3. taylor swift says:

    can i by this dog since im taylor swift i will give you more $ then can thank you.

  4. taylor swift says:

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