Dog of the Day: Abiba the Chihuahua/German Shepherd (!!) Mix

Okay, I’ve seen some impressive mixes in my time, but… Chihuahua/German shepherd? And the mom was the Chihuahua? Oy, just thinking about that makes parts of my body that I don’t even have hurt.

That said, Abiba (7 months old, the name means ‘Beloved’) is clearly a totally awesome pup. So cute.

Chihuahua/German Shepherd Mix

This honestly looks like some kind of Japanese anime German shepherd puppy. So ridiculous!

German Shepherd/Chihuahua Mix

Not sure what the weird glowy effect is from the ball.

German Shepherd/Chihuahua Mix

I don't think he's going to get much bigger than he is now.

German Shepherd/Chihuahua Mix

Yes, the ball is slightly too big for his mouth. Watching him chase it is hysterical.

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