Dog of the Day: Dingo the Teacup Australian Shepherd

I’ve posted Aussies this small before, but not often. I actually took some pictures of Dingo  the adorable before, though: it was just at dusk, and they all turned into an Australian blur. I got luckier this time!

Just had another couple of people submit for the photography contest, including a city submission and a cat submission. You guys rock!

Teacup Australian Shepherd

So teensy. And no, there’s nothing wrong with his eye, he’s just winking at me.

Teacup Australian Shepherd

I had to post this, it was too cute to pass up, despite the blown-out highlights.

Teacup Australian Shepherd

Those eyes. Also, that expression.

Teacup Australian Shepherd

And this expression. God, sometimes I wish I could be half as happy as some of these dogs.

Teacup Australian Shepherd

A playmate appears!

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