Dog of the Day: Smokey the Siberian Husky

Found this guy outside of a favorite restaurant of Autumn’s and mine: the Chinatown Loving Hut, which Autumn and I affectionately call Evil Master Chinese Food, for reasons which will become apparent to you if you ever go there. But it’s in fun: it’s a really good vegan Chinese food restaurant, and the people who work there are very nice and very considerate. One once chased me down a block from the restaurant, waving my leftovers above her head. “I think you forgot these!”

Anyway. As I was slipping out of the restaurant to take a few pictures of him, a guy came by and fed him a couple chunks of his cliff bar. I didn’t feel comfortable yelling at someone for feeding someone else’s dog, but the bar looked like chocolate, and I’d feel completely comfortable yelling at someone for feeding someone else’s dog chocolate. Fortunately, it turned out to be carob. The dog’s owner still wasn’t happy, but at least the dog wasn’t in danger.

Seriously awesome dog. Sorry the pictures are so washed out; it was quite sunny. Two more pics after the break.

Alaskan husky, grinning at the camera

Happy pup. Well-trained, and friendly to everyone. I've heard huskies can be difficult, but you couldn't prove it by this guy.

Prone Siberian husky eating a cliff bar

Not that he's perfectly obedient: he's not supposed to eat things other than those approved by his owner. But it's a rare dog that's well-enough trained to eschew offered tidbits.

Siberian husky licking his nose

The water, fortunately was 'master-approved'. Must get hot under all that fur, even in the cooler climate of San Francisco.

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