Dog of the Day: Ginormous Goldendoodle

I am assured that this fellow is a goldendoodle, and I guess they ought to know, but… he’s just so huge! He’s bigger than any standard poodle or golden retriever that I’ve ever seen. One wonders whether an Irish wolfhound, or possibly a small pony, crept into the family tree some time back.

Two more pictures, after the break.

Huge sitting goldendoodle

If he's unusually large for a goldendoodle, he certainly has the attitude of a goldendoodle: eminently huggable.

Extremely large seated goldendoodle

Every time I see a goldendoodle, I find myself with the same urge I get with sheepdogs: to find a pair of scissors and trim their bangs until they can SEE ME.

Humongous goldendoodle

If the other two pictures didn't give you a good idea how big this guy was, maybe this one will.

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