Caturday Supplement: Random Grey Kitty and JAZZ!

No, the cat was not dancing or listening to music. I just happened to run across her while I was out walking the Awesome Dog Jazz, who is one of Autumn’s dog-sitting clients. As you can see, Jazz gets along with everybody. Everybody.

Grey And White Kitty

Dog expressions are so much easier to read than cat expressions. That’s actually a friendly cat face.

Black Flat-Coat Retriever Staring At Grey And White Cat

Jazz was utterly awesome. As usual. She saw the cat, and walked over to a spot about fifteen feet from her, but right near the cement wall she was on, and sat down. Eventually the cat walked over to see what was up.

Black Flat-Coated Retriever And Grey And White Cat Looking At One Another

I kept a very tight hold on the leash, but she just stared and sniffed. Never got closer than this. And wagged madly. And the cat seemed pretty relaxed about the whole thing too.

Grey And White Kitty

Eventually I pulled Jazz back, basically because I am an untrusting sod. And as soon as the dog left, the cat was like, ‘oh, this is boring, I’m outta here.’

Grey And White Kitty Saying Goodbye

Someone else came by at this point and checked the cat for a collar (absent) and said she might take her in and get her checked for a microchip. She was just as friendly with people as she was with Jazz, so I think she must be someone’s pet.

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