Dog of the Day: Gus the Belgian Shepherd Chow Mix

I just ran into Gus today, but I absolutely adored him, and so, when I found myself offloading the pictures from my phone for an unrelated reason, I decided that I just had to post him.

He’s 13 years old, he’s an utter sweetheart, and he loves everybody (and two other people stopped to pet him while I was standing there, so it looks like everybody loves him, too). Plus, the pictures don’t quite do him justice… what he looks like is nothing so much as a perfect photographic negative of a samoyed. (And I ran one of my samoyed pictures through a negative-creator, so I know whereof I speak.)

Black Fluffy Chow Belgian Shepherd Mix

He has a very, very dark blue tongue.

Black Fluffy Chow Belgian Shepherd Mix Looking Very Happy Indeed

Really unusual combo. I’ve only ever met one Belgian shepherd cross before.

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