Dog of the Day: Donny the Landshark (German Shepherd, Basset Hound, and Belgian Tervuren)

Getting back to some more recent pictures… I ran into this pup on Market Street, and was instantly smitten. I had to run to catch up. Sadly, it was pretty dark, so most of my pictures came out blurry, but these two capture some of the amazing cute. (His dad is the one who provided the breed info… I would have guessed that there was some corgi or dachshund or something in him, since he was pretty long and squat.)

Edit: Wow. Had the wrong info attached to the pictures! Luckily Dad set me straight in pretty short order. I *love* the name. And indeed he does have something long and squat in him: basset hound.

German Shepherd/Australian Shepherd

Look at the seating position. It makes my back hurt just looking at him.

Australian Shepherd/German Shepherd Mix

And there's the happy face that he was wearing for 99% of the time that I saw him.

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7 Responses to Dog of the Day: Donny the Landshark (German Shepherd, Basset Hound, and Belgian Tervuren)

  1. Alan says:

    WOW! This dog looks almost identical to ours. We rescued ours from a shelter in South Carolina, so she had no papers. As a pup, the basset hound was obvious, though she doesn’t have as much resemblance anymore. The shelter said basset hound/spaniel, but I think they were way off. Our vet said basset hound/some kind of shepherd. When I suggested German, he said no… at least not fully half German shepherd. Our neighbor suggested Australian shepherd. Now I have to believe she has some Belgian Shepherd/Tervuren in her. The resemblance is amazing…

  2. Crystal Richardson says:

    my jaw dropped just now. for the longest while i have been trying to figure out what breed my dog was and here i see this picture. this dog looks exactly like mine. Mine is female and is the most loving dog I have ever come across. She is loads of fun. But can someone break down exactly what breeds make up this dog and tell me how huge they grow up to be.

    • Adam Lang says:

      Well, I know that he’s a German shepherd/basset hound/Belgian tervuren (a class of Belgian shepherd), but I’m not sure of the proportions. I would guess that a half-basset-hound/half-Belgian tervuren would look very much like him as well, though. Does your dog have the short legs, like a basset hound or a corgi?

      As for how big Donny got, he had a body about the size of a small-to-medium-sized Labrador retriever, but with stumpy little legs. Bigger than a corgi, quite similar in size to a basset hound, maybe a bit smaller… I want to guess at 45-50 pounds or so.

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  4. Talia says:

    I’ve just found your page whilst trying to Google what my cross could be. She looks so very similar to the one in the photo. We adopted her from our local rescue centre, where her original owners had bought her as a puppy and stated she was half Labrador X Daschund. However, she’s got a lot of black patches, and the typical German Shepherd markings, so I’m assuming she’s a GSD crossed Golden Retriever (one parent) X with a Dachshund (it seems so ethically wrong!). Regardless, mine in gorgeous.

    • Adam Lang says:

      Hah, okay, this I’ve got to see. Do you have any pics online of your pup? If so, please post some links here! If not, maybe upload a few to and post the links here? Donny is one of my all-time favorites!

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