Dog of the Day: German Shepherd/Australian Shepherd Mix

Autumn’s back! (She was gone for a few weeks for a festival back East, and then was back for around a day and a half (and I saw her for a few hours) and then she was gone for a festival a few hours from here. She actually got back on Saturday.

So, in celebration of her safe return, here is a picture of her hypnotizing a cute German Shepherd/Australian Shepherd mix. (We’re guessing about the Aussie part.)

Autumn and a half-German Shepherd/half-Australian Shepherd

Autumn is quite accomplished in the field of canine hypnotism. She can bewilder-a-beast at fifty paces.

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4 Responses to Dog of the Day: German Shepherd/Australian Shepherd Mix

  1. lesley hu says:

    HI! met you on the street and have my cute saint retrvier photo that i want to email you! My dog’s name is Jake….

    thanks! lesley

  2. Vallarie says:

    OMG!!!! The same exact dog!!!! And your puppy is adorable!!!

  3. Vallarie says:

    Like I said the exact same dog.!? Thats Halerious!!!? I got my puppy from Petco in LA. Where did you get yours becuz my dog had 1 sister left, which we were going to get, but yeah did you get her from petco in LA 2????? Cuz that is just halerious!!!!! I mean the exact same body face EVERYTHING!!!!!!!!!!! except my dog has freckles on her nose?! oh, and autumn is such another cutie!!!!!!!!

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