Dog of the Day: Moll the German Shepherd/Finnish Spitz(?) Mix

Moll is, at least according to her guardian, definitely half-shepherd. And it’s pretty obvious in any case. The Finnish spitz half was a guess on my part. We’ll see what Autumn thinks in the comments.

Two more pictures after the break.

German Shepherd/Finnish Spitz Mix

So pretty. I wish I had hair like that. Then again, I wish I had any hair at all.

Finnish Spitz/German Shepherd Mix

Moll knew exactly what she wanted out of life, and wasn't afraid to ask for it.

Half-German Shepherd, Half-Finnish Spitz

And she knew exactly how to get it from passing strangers. Especially suckers like Autumn and me.

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18 Responses to Dog of the Day: Moll the German Shepherd/Finnish Spitz(?) Mix

    • Adam Lang says:

      Aw, I just stole a few pictures of her!

      She’s a real sweetheart. Give her a belly rub for me, okay?

      • Chris Beekman says:

        Moll looks almost exactly like Tia, who is supposed to be a Shepherd/Husky mix. Now I’m pretty sure she is Shepherd/Finnish Spitz mix. Beautiful, 3 1/2 yrs old! Can I send pictures? Do you know of any puppies available? Chris

        • Adam Lang says:

          I’d love to see some pictures, but uploads here aren’t available here (since when they were, someone elected to use them to share his movie collection!) You could email them to me (I’m alang at this web site, i.e., but if you are tech-savvy, I find to be pretty easy to use, and then you could just post links to your pictures in a comment here, so that everyone could see them.

          Actually, it’s quite possible that Moll is German shepherd/husky herself. I have run into a couple of that breed combination since I posted her and they looked a fair bit like her.

  1. Angeline Dawe says:

    My dog is also German Shepherd Spitz mix, and I googled just to see if there were any other dogs like her…apparently there are!

  2. Nichole Erickson says:

    Wow…your dog is almost a carbon copy of my girl, Zoe. I adopted her when she was 9 weeks old in 2000 and I just had to say goodbye to her this past Tuesday. She had turned 17 years old this February. She was my best friend, my baby and the best dog ever and now my heart is broken. She was a German Shepherd/Yellow Lab/Finnish Spitz mix and was a medium sized girl, weighing about 35 lbs. I showed this photo of your dog to my kids and they thought I was teasing them when I told them it wasn’t our Zoe.

    • Adam Lang says:

      Oh wow! Seventeen! I’m so sorry for your loss. You are so damn lucky to have had such an amazing dog for such a long time.

  3. Vaughan says:

    My dog looks exactly like this with more defined color lines. He is a German shephard/red healer mix. Looks more like a big basenji.

  4. Hailee scott says:

    Looks like a exactly like my dingo

  5. Beverlee Nichols says:

    My dog Gia looks like this! The top picture could be a picture of her! We’ve always thought Husky/Shepherd mix but now I’m rethinking after seeing this. Gonna do some research about temperament, as our girl is a stubborn escape artist who has BIG issues with separation anxiety.

  6. Christine Cortez says:

    My dog Nuna looks like her! She was rescued and she has distinct features of German shepherd but I wasn’t so sure of the other half. But after seeing a photo she kinda looks like her except of the tail! Her tail is definitely GSD.

    • Adam Lang says:

      Well, I have no real idea what Moll’s other half is. Could well be Lab, although the ears are pretty upright for that.

      Any pictures of your pup online? If so, feel free to leave a link or two in a comment!

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