Dog of the Day: Rottweiler/German Shepherd (?)

Stab in the dark. The stumpy tail and floppy ears said ‘Aussie’ to me, except I found out that Rottweilers sometimes have natural bob-tails. (I thought they were always cut off.) And her face is a bit Rottie-like. And the saddle pattern is all shepherd. I expect Autumn will weigh in on this one too.

Ran into this gal waiting for her dad outside of a restaurant. She looked so forlorn that I had to go say hello.

Three more pictures, one with a bonus Chihuahua, after the break.

German Shepherd/Rotteweiler mix

Well trained pup! Just sat there on the bench, waiting patiently and looking forlorn.

Rottweiler/German Shepherd mix

And then dad walked out the door of the restaurant and she scrambled to her feet, but stayed carefully on the bench.

Half-German Shepherd, Half-Rottweiler

Still looked pretty woebegone, even after dad got back to take her away. Poor pup. I wonder what was wrong?

Chihuahua and Rottweiler/German Shepherd mix

...offered without comment...

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