Double Dog Day: Doofus and Pinky the Dachshunds

I’m not sure which one is Doofus and which one is Pinky. But given the way they acted, I think they both have a bit of doofus in them.

Two more pictures after the break.


Not sure I've run into a cream-and-white dachshund before.


This is a coloration I'm a lot more familiar with. Also: aren't dachshund ears fabulously fun to play with?


Kind of reminds me of the coloration of some Australian cattle dogs (aka red heelers).

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6 Responses to Double Dog Day: Doofus and Pinky the Dachshunds

  1. Sasha says:

    These double daschunds made my day! They are the cutest ever and make a wonderful twosome– I love those floppy ears!

  2. Adam Lang says:

    Their ears are so much fun to play with, too. Just like miniature golden retriever ears.

    Plus, I absolutely adore the name ‘Doofus’.

  3. Jane Ayres says:

    may I use your pirate pic in my blog please?

    • Adam Lang says:

      My… pirate pic? I am not sure which one you mean.

      If you mean one of the ones on this page, then sure, go ahead, I give you a license (royalty-free) to use one of the pictures on this page in electronic format for your the purposes of your blog. Enjoy!

  4. The creme-and-white animal looks very much like my bassador, which is a lab-basset house mix.

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