Caturday Supplement: Tiger Tabby In A Cat Bed

How often do you see this? A gorgeous tabby was bought a cat bed, and then actually went to sleep in it instead of next to it, under it, on the dog’s bed, in the humans’ bed, on the keyboard, on top of the closed toilet seat…

An entirely unrelated question: T * G * R… is that short for ‘Tigger’?

Tiger Tabby Cat Curled Up In A Pink Cat Bed

Kitty-ball. Suitable for leaning down and rubbing your cheek against. Purr purr purr.

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2 Responses to Caturday Supplement: Tiger Tabby In A Cat Bed

  1. Anne says:

    Mali was in her cat tree when we got home last night. Granted, I think it was 3 in the morning and she is used to sleeping with us… She also frequently sleeps upon her throne during the day, which is a cushion on top of a chess set, up high on a bookcase, which we set upper her so she could be away from people. She also adores her cat tent, but I don’t need to have something the size of an extra futon set up constantly inside my house.

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