Dog of the Day: Akita Inu

I’m being a bit lazy today, I admit it. I have a dozen dogs lined up with a hundred or more pictures that I have to go through, and like 94 of them are adorable pictures, and I just don’t feel up to choosing right now.

So here’s someone I only got four pictures of. All four of them were good, I chose two, the end. Then again, for an akita inu, I might just as well aim the camera and take one picture, because they only have one apparent mood and it is ‘dignifiedly-awesome’.

Akitas have a reputation for being standoffish, but in this case the dog was quite friendly… it was the owner who was standoffish.

Tan Akita Inu Lying Down

You’d really only need one of these guys to keep you warm in a tent in a snowstorm.

Tan Akita Inu Smiling

Happy face. This guy was enjoying the crowds.

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