Dog of the Day: Milli the Golden Retriever Irish Setter Mix Repeat Customer!

If you do not instantly squeal at the sound of the name ‘Milli’ then you have not been reading my blog for long enough and must do some remedial work. Go check out this link here and report back… I’ll wait.

Back? Squealing? Good! I ran into Milli again, now fully two years old and just as happy and friendly, and only marginally less wiggly. Her mom now thinks she’s a golden retriever Irish setter mix, which I can definitely see.

Make sure to check out her latest on her twitter feed, too. Some gorgeous shots there.

Golden Retriever Irish Setter Mix Smiling

She’s still got that same Silli-Milli grin she had in her puppy pictures. So cute.

Golden Retriever Irish Setter Mix

Mom was at a sidewalk cafe, and Milli got a little something from the table.

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