Sunday Switchup: The Growler

Sorry for the break in posting. I had a very busy day on Friday, followed by a sleep study Friday night, followed by a ‘photo scavenger hunt’ (wherein I walked almost 12 miles) on Saturday, followed by a party Saturday night. I left home Friday morning at 7:45 AM and didn’t get back until Sunday night at 11:30, and I promptly collapsed and slept for eleven hours.

Anyway! This fine fellow is The Growler. How do I know? Because I ran into him in The Growler’s Arms in Oakland, a few weeks ago. If you’re in the area, you should try them out… I came for the cute dog mascot but I stayed for the food. Mmm, the food was amazing.

Black And White French Bulldog Carved From Wood

There has to be a story behind this sculpture, but I have no idea what it was.

Black And White French Bulldog Carved From Wood With Huge Fluffy Rope Collar Thing

Not sure what the deal with the collar is, either. It’s almost Hawaiian-esque.

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