Dog of the Day: Friday the Aussie Puppy

This is Friday, the 4-month-old Aussie puppy. And guess which day I met Friday? That’s right, it was last… Wednesday!

Oh well. Anyway, he was totally adorable, and is a complete blur in over 60 pictures I took. I’m keeping them instead of deleting the blurry ones as I usually do, because if I drop myself into full-screen mode and click the first one, and then hold down the right arrow, I get to watch a flicker-animation of him zooming around the floor of the San Francisco Center mall, which actually looks quite good even if the individual frames are blurry. Maybe someday I’ll figure out how to make a gif or something. In the mean time, you’ll have to settle for a few paltry pictures of him at rest.

(With special guest, about 1/3 of a shih tzu.)

Tricolor Australian Shepherd Puppy With A Tail

Oh god the nose freckles. Reminds me of Max, who I just ran into again this morning. (Yay!)

Tricolor Australian Shepherd Puppy With A Tail Licking His Nose

He spotted another dog just about his size, and just went nuts.

Tricolor Australian Shepherd Puppy With A Tail Lying On The Floor And Looking At A Shih Tzu

This is the ‘after’ pic, for him running around in circles. I bet he lay like that, exhausted, for nearly a full twenty seconds before he was ready to go again.

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