Dog of the Day: Kaunas the Cockapoo (?)

I dunno. I have it recorded that on 8/12 I met and took pictures of a cockapoo (cocker spaniel/poodle mix). And the only pictures I have from 8/12 are of this fine lass. But she doesn’t look much like any cockapoo I’ve ever seen.

Well, whatever, she’s a fine example of whatever it is she actually is.

Four more even goofier pictures after the break.

Cockapoo... maybe?

This dog has some of the most manic expressions I've ever had on the blog.

Cocker Spaniel/Poodle mix... maybe

I'm not sure what this expression signifies. Existential angst, maybe? Also: spotty dog-belly!

Poodle/Cocker Spaniel Mix... perhaps?

Well, those are certainly cocker spaniel ears. I really don't see a whole lot of poodle, though.

Half-Poodle, Half-Cocker Spaniel, Maybe

That's a pretty wild expression. Just wait. It gets even goofier.

Half-Cocker Spaniel, Half Poodle... Apparently.

I'm not sure whether to go 'awwwww' or back slowly away. Maybe both.

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