Dog of the Day: Our Old Friend Wilhelmina the Italian Greyhound

Mina the Italian greyhound! I see her regularly about town, and she’s just as cute now as she was when she was 13 weeks old and all shy, or when she was six months old and disgruntled.

Italian greyhounds are always so delicate-looking that I expect them to fly apart at any moment. Then when you watch them running around they just smack into things — humans, other dogs, the ground — and then just get up and keep going like nothing happened. Except when they tumble a dozen times, bounce off of something else, and THEN get up and keep going like nothing happened.

Man Holding Italian Greyhound

I wonder how well that halter stays on. It looks a little loose for such a skinny and wiggly dog.

Man Holding Italian Greyhound

Not sure why Mina’s off the ground. Maybe she’s ‘mina’ to other dogs?

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