Dog of the Day: Jackson the Fluffy Golden Retriever Puppy

I was wandering around down near Chestnut Street a couple of weeks ago and I saw a knot of people gathered around something. For a moment I was worried someone was lying on the ground, injured, but it turned out to just be the cutest thing ever: Jackson. Jackson is the platonic ideal of the fluffy golden retriever puppy. His ears are velvet, his belly is pink, and his attitude will melt your heart.

Fluffy Golden Retriever Puppy Sniffing A Garbage Can

Incidentally, this is not the first golden retriever puppy named Jackson we’ve seen on this blog.

Fluffy Golden Retriever Puppy Pulling On His Leash

See? Those ears! Must pet!

Fluffy Golden Retriever Puppy Gazing Longingly At The Camera

Someone has learned The Look early.

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