Double Dog Day: Laundry Puppy And Friend

A few weeks ago, I was walking past the laundromat that is the occasional home of Cody, AKA laundrypuppy, when I discovered that Cody had a friend! I didn’t get her name, but apparently she shows up there occasionally because Autumn said she’d seen her there before.

Golden Retriever Snoozing On Laundromat Washers While Husky Stands On Them

I suspect Cody might have spent the day trying to keep up with a husky. Which strikes me as pretty tough.

Husky Yawning

I love that moment when a dog starts to yawn and it makes them look utterly shocked.

Golden Retriever And Siberian Husky On Commercial Washing Machines In A Laundromat

The husky saw me petting Cody, and of course couldn’t let someone else get the attention without getting some herself.

Siberian Husky Standing On Washing Machines In A Laundromat

She must be a pretty well-behaved husky, because she had the run of the place, with an open door.

Siberian Husky Pokes Her Nose At The Camera

Nose shot!

Siberian Husky And Golden Retriever Lying On Commercial Washers In A Laundromat

If you look VERY closely you can see just a teeny bit of tongue poking out of the husky’s mouth.

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2 Responses to Double Dog Day: Laundry Puppy And Friend

  1. Rose Marie says:

    Now THAT is a laundry mat I would enjoy going to!!

    • Adam Lang says:

      I know! What they need is a full-time laundry-dog, though. You know, to help, and make sure there is plenty of dog hair all over your clothes and absolutely no stress left in your life by the time you leave.

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