Dog of the Day: Summer the Klee Kai Puppy

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Don’t get a lot of klee kais on here, so it’s pretty rare to see two in one week. But I saw two of them two weeks ago, so you get two of them right in a row too. Not that I expect to hear anyone complaining about Summer the (male) 7-month-old hyper-adorable adorably-hyper puppy.

Grinning Delighted Klee Kai Puppy

Ears folded back. I always thought that meant a dog that was being either super-scared or super-submissive, but I’ve learned it can also be ‘super-social’.

Grinning Delighted Klee Kai Puppy

God, that grin is completely infectious. I can’t even keep from grinning back at my SCREEN.

Klee Kai Puppy Staring Fixedly Into The Camera At Very Close Range

This picture reminds me a bit of Mr. White.

Woman Petting Klee Kai Puppy Who Is Standing On His Hind Legs

That’s Louise, my friend and ex-coworker, in the blue. She’s more of a cat person, but I think Summer won her over.

Klee Kai On Hind Legs Hugging Woman

Puppy hugs!

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