Dog of the Day: Keeshond Mix

I can’t recall what mom told me this pup was mixed with, and for some reason I don’t have it in my notes, but I do remember the ‘cheese-hound’ part, because it’s pretty obvious once you’re looking for it. I also remember she (I think it was a ‘she’) is a senior, but also very playful and friendly, if not quite as high-energy as she once was.

Keeshond Mix Looking Taken Aback

Look at the magnificent fur. Even on her legs!

Keeshond Mix Examining Her Tail And Grinning

Her tail is especially glorious. And soft.

Keeshond Mix Grinning And Walking Towards Photographer

She’s one of those dogs who even people who are ambivalent about dogs can’t stop petting. She’s just so SOFT.

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