Downward-Facing Dog of the Day: Lani the Australian Cattle Dog (Mix?)

Lani is one of those “I have so many great pictures that I am paralyzed by indecision” dogs, but I’ve finally just decided to buckle down and pick some and publish. She’s a 4-year-old Australian cattle dog, possibly a mix, adopted from the SF SPCA. And she is such an amazing ham. She instinctively knows how to pose for a camera like nobody’s business.

Red Merle Australian Cattle Dog Grinning At Camera

If it weren’t for the shadows, these pictures would be ‘frame them and hang them on your wall’. The subject is certainly plenty pretty.

Woman Unhooking Australian Shepherd From His Leash

This one might be worth trying a print.

Red Heeler Performing 'Downward-Facing Dog'

There’s the ‘downward-facing’ part of today’s dog.

Australian Cattle Dog

She was practically dancing for me.

Woman Petting Red Heeler

Lani getting some much-deserved love.

Woman Holding Hands With A Red Heeler

I think this was a trick but I don’t quite remember what it was.

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