Dog of the Day: Sherman the French Mastiff

I think of all mastiffs as English, because in every mastiff’s face I see the stereotypical old (and somewhat dyspeptic) Englishman. But here we have our first French mastiff: Sherman.

(Four pictures moved below the break.)

French Mastiff

Any dog with dewlaps automatically gets a thumbs up from me. Except if they're drooling on my foot.

French Mastiff

Sherman seems like the kind of dog you might want if you want a dog that is happy all the time, but *looks* thoroughly depressed.

French Mastiff

Funny little splotch of white on the chest.

French Mastiff

I swear, someone took a candle in the shape of a wolf head, painted it brown, and then left it too close to the radiator.

French Mastiff

That right there is a whole lot of dog.

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