Dog of the Day: Jake the German Shepherd/Greyhound

We caught Jake in a goofy-happy mood. I am told that he occasionally decides to look noble and long-suffering, but it usually doesn’t last long.

White German Shepherd/Greyhound Mix

Jake may be a lover and not a fighter, but he's definitely got some chops in the area of athletics too, as you can see from yesterday's pics.

White German Shepherd/Greyhound Mix

Jake has a few good tricks, too. He's mastered 'wave', for example.

White German Shepherd/Greyhound Mix

He has also apparently mastered 'eat delicious treat'.

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4 Responses to Dog of the Day: Jake the German Shepherd/Greyhound

  1. Billy says:

    Cracking looking dog . I’ve been breeding german shepherd x greyhounds for over 20 yrs now . 1st cross being my favorite , but 3/4 greyhound 1/4 gsd is quite an athletic dog and a good pet and worker .
    At the moment I own a 1/2 gsd 1/2 greyhound dog and a young dog and bitch of 3/4 greyhound 1/4 gsd .
    I’ve had loads of fun with then over the yrs with many rosettes and trophy’s won over the yrs , for obedience , racing , jumping and more .

    • Adam Lang says:

      Definitely a good combination. I’ve run into this guy a couple times since I posted this, and he’s always been happy, friendly, and quite obedient.

  2. I suspect my beautiful rescue dog, Stella to be a white shepherd and greyhound mix. How can I be sure? She’s very similar to your Jake, with lean, long legs, a large ribcage and thin abdomen. She’s lean and muscular, and runs incredibly fast like a greyhound. Her stance is that of a hunter, and sits like a noble lady!

    • Adam Lang says:

      Well, you can always try one of those genetic testing kits for dogs. They aren’t all that accurate, but for two such common breeds as greyhound and German shepherd they are probably better than usual.

      Of course, you could also put some pictures up online and post links to them here, and my team of dog-identification experts can weigh in! 🙂

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