Dog of the Day: German Shepherd/Rottweiler Mix

I think we ran into this guy before, although since it’s been over a year one might be excused for forgetting him.

German Shepherd/Rottweiler Mix

This indifferent look lasted all of about three seconds.

German Shepherd/Rottweiler Mix

As soon as he looked over at me, he leapt to his feet and then ran over and leaned against my legs. "PET ME NOW!"

German Shepherd/Rottweiler

If humans were as glad to see each other as this guy is to see them, we'd all be a lot happier.

German Shepherd/Rottweiler

He wasn't even sad when I left... he just stood around grinning at me as I walked away like I'd just made his day.

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4 Responses to Dog of the Day: German Shepherd/Rottweiler Mix

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  2. Lauren says:

    I love these dogs. I have a female that we rescued from the pound 10 years ago. I just love her. She is so smart and gentle. She is great with little kids even though she is rarely ever around them.

  3. This looks exactly like my dog!

  4. so cute… Looks just like my dog!

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